RECOM DC/DC converters are certified to the 3rd Edition IEC-60601 for maximized patient protection

The safety of staff and patients in the use of electronic medical devices has the highest priority. Since June 2012, electrical medical devices must meet the 3rd Edition of IEC-60601 to be placed on the European market. RECOM offers a wide range of DC/DC converters that are certified to the stringent requirements of the IEC/EN 60601 – Medical Equipment standard and are suitable for a huge variety of medical applications in which high isolation and low leakage currents are required.

The extensive product portfolio includes fully certified DC/DC converters with a power range from 0,25W up to 15W. For example RECOMs new RAM (1W, unregulated), RAZ (1W, regulated) and RTM (2W, unregulated) series, offer an isolation voltage up to 4kVDC and an operating temperature range up to 100°C. For higher wattages the regulated converters of the series REC10 (10W) and REC15 (15W) are suitable. They achieve efficiency up to 87% and can be used in ambient temperatures of between -55°C and +71°C.

Whenever patients come directly into contact with electricity, special protective measures are required. The RECOM “/R” series have a specially designed reinforced isolation transformer core and new insulation materials to ensure that not only the 3rd Edition of IEC-60601 required clearance and creepage distances are observed, but also higher isolation voltages of up to 10kVDC can be guaranteed. In addition, the interwinding capacitance is reduced to between 1.5pF and 20pF. This leads to extremely low leakage currents, also a common requirement for medical applications. The reinforced isolation series meet the highest safety category and have two safeguards for the protection of patients (2 x MOPP – means of patient protection).

The RxxPxx/R and RxxP2xx/R series (1W and 2W respectively) are isolated up to 8kVDC and available in a space-saving SIP7 case size. The 2 watt version is also available in a DIP24 case (RV series), making a changeover to the new technology simple without requiring a new PCB layout in many cases. The efficiency is close to 88% – so the ambient operating temperature can be up to +85°C with convectional cooling alone and without any derating. The REC3.5 and REC6 series have 3.5 and 6W power rating, are isolated up to 10kVDC and come in a standard DIP24 case. They have an approximately 20% higher power rating than their counterparts with standard isolation and reach efficiencies up to 86%. The maximum ambient temperature is +85°C for the REC3.5 with natural convection cooling and without derating. The more powerful REC6 works, up to +75°C under the same operating conditions. For both series the case temperature can reach +105°C. For all RECOM 3rd Edition Medical converters the ISO-14971 Risk Management files have been completed, which are necessary for the successful certification of the final product.

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