Ready-to-use inertial platform stabilization showcased at DSEI, London

A ready-to-use motion control solution for ground, air or sea inertial platform stabilization (IPS) is being introduced by Elmo Motion Control at this year’s DSEI, London, 12-15 September, stand N10-453.

Using Elmo’s standard, lightweight and robust, off-the-shelf motion control products, the IPS features a multi-axis controller with gyro signal input capability, as well as high precision, wide bandwidth dedicated servo drives for motion stabilization.

This multi-axis control and intelligent servo drive technology, together with efficient high-speed communications, are the secret to the superior stabilization performance. This saves platform manufacturers from developing dedicated hardware or software. Advanced control features such as software in the loop (SIL) lets customers user their own control algorithms. This streamlines design and protects the user’s sensitive intellectual property.

The solution is composed of Elmo’s Platinum Lion (P-Lion) motion controller, a dual Gold-Bee drive module, and flexible programming tools which allow for simple implementation of gyro-specific user code.

The P-Lion operates in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F), high altitudes (up to 40,000 feet) and high mechanical shocks or intensive vibrations (up to 2000 Hz). This makes it one of the world’s most advanced, ruggedized multi axis network motion-controllers.

The motion controller incorporates an integral, high‑level computational dual-core system (2 x 1.5 GHz), which pushes the boundaries of machine accuracy, speed and throughput of any system.

The P-Lion is a fast EtherCAT networking controller, with minimal cycling time of 100 µs (for 8 synchronized axes), and cycle jitter below 5 µs, resulting in a precise, reliable and deterministic motion.

P-Lion features extensive I/O connectivity, allowing direct controller level support for digital and analog I/O, accelerometers, encoders, serial interfaces, and IMUs. Such extended connectivity makes the P-Lion suitable for the high speed and responsiveness demanded by IPS.

The P-Lion provides full flexibility for either IEC 61131-3 or C/C++ programming, along with an industry-standard IEC programming environment and intuitive visualization capabilities. With countless multi-axis motion algorithms and features such as 3D high resolution error mapping, high-order polynomial motion segments and trajectory buildup, smart gearing, dynamics PVT and more, the P-Lion is the ultimate controller for extreme, precise, and reliable motion.

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