Rapid Electronics stocking Vigortronix AC/DC converters

The new range of Vigortronix AC/DC converters, available from Rapid Electronics, has been designed to save critical space and transform board design. Packaged in a distinctive orange housing, they are lighter, smaller, offer longer lifetimes and provide greater reliability than traditional transformers.

While linear PCB transformers have their merits, when DC voltage is required, users should consider using new encapsulated switched mode power supply modules. Featuring a built-in transformer, these converters effectively replace not only a linear transformer but the circuit components required to convert AC to DC – diodes, bridge rectifiers, capacitors, resistors and heatsinks – but occupy a considerably smaller footprint, weighing just 20g in its lightest form and is particularly useful where board space is limited.

“Available in 1W, 3W, 5W and 10W, these modules replace the five or more components required for AC/DC conversion,” explains Paul Hemming, product manager at Rapid.  “The wide input range means that the 4-pin modules are compatible with all international voltage ratings. If you would like to try these converters out, why not order a single module from Rapid today, or contact us for more information. We have had plenty of positive customer feedback already.”




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