Rakon launches 1.28 GHz and 2 GHz ultra low noise oscillators

Rakon has launched a new series of Oven Controlled, voltage controlled SAW Oscillators (OCSOs). Using advanced SAW technology and new circuitry design, the OCSOs are suitable for applications that require high frequency and ultra low phase noise. The LNO1280B1 and LNO2000B1 enable frequencies of 1280 MHz and 2 GHz, respectively.

The LN01280B1 and LNO2000B1 are based on Rakon’s high performance SAW oscillator cores at 320 MHz and 500 MHz, combined with Rakon’s low noise, active frequency quadruplers. The technology enables an exceptional phase noise floor and very low broadband jitter.

The Phase Noise plot here shows a 2 GHz OCSO with floor noise down to -166 dBc/Hz. Broadband jitter of <10 fs (from 10 kHz to 100 MHz) is also contributing to the OCSO’s excellent overall performance.

With frequencies over 1 GHz, superior low phase noise and low jitter, the LNO1280B1 and LNO2000B1 are an ideal choice for laboratory test equipment, radars and ground based defense equipment and instrumentation. The series is also particularly suited for the latest generation of high speed (up to 12 bits) ADCs/DACs (Analogue-to-Digital Converters/Digital-to-Analogue Converters), that require high frequency clock devices with ultra-low jitter. Available in a 95 mm x 76 mm x 23 mm package.

The LN01280B1 and LNO2000B1 are part of Rakon’s Low Noise Oscillator (LNO) series. The LNO series is available at frequencies ranging from 10 MHz to several gigahertz; ideally suited for ground and airborne applications.



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