Qt to demo complex IoT software development capabilities at MWC 2015

The Qt Company, developers of a cross-platform application and user interface development framework, will be demonstrating Qt’s capabilities for platform and SDK development for the growing popular alternative mobile operating system, Sailfish OS, at the Jolla exhibition booth (Hall 1 Stand 1F40). The Finnish mobile company, Jolla, has built their Sailfish OS with the Qt libraries and tools creating a 3rd party developer ecosystem for their mobile phone and tablet.

The Qt Company will also be exhibiting with Team Finland (Hall 5, Stand 5C31) demonstrating how Qt empowers organisations that are creating products and services for the Internet of Things (IoT). The growth of the IoT will have a dramatic effect on the requirements for software systems, making them increasingly complex. Qt’s combination of cross-platform framework, cloud service integration and device creation capabilities simplifies the process of IoT software creation, shortens time-to-market and improves cost effectiveness. This allows companies to future proof their product development strategy and preserve software engineering investment.

By its nature, the IoT consists of a multiplicity of hardware devices and software applications. This presents an ongoing challenge to developers whose aim is to integrate new or upgraded components without the need to alter existing elements. The cross-platform enablers offered by Qt allow the creation of IoT systems with mobile and embedded, cloud-connected devices and remote client applications without the need to manage a whole portfolio of different technologies.

Qt combines simplicity of development and efficient performance – even on platforms with constrained processing capabilities – with fluid modern UIs. The framework delivers these benefits not only on the initial target platform or device but on all other supported platforms too. Developers can work secure in the knowledge that their investment will be repaid when they wish to support other operating systems or deploy on additional device hardware.

The Qt Company will be at MWC all week at both Hall 1 Stand 1F40 and Hall 5, Stand 5C31.

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