Pyroelectric detectors

LASER COMPONENTS is a world leading manufacturer of pyroelectric detectors. At our research and production facility in Florida we supply customers all over the world with these industrial grade thermal detectors.

A pyroelectric infra-red detector responds to a change in IR radiation (heat) absorbed on its surface and they have a very wide spectral bandwidth. A pyroelectric crystal is distinguished by having an atomic structure that will move slightly in response to a change in temperature, rearranging the electric charge within the solid generating a voltage which can be measured using a set of electrodes on the crystal surface. Pyroelectric detectors are characterised by much higher responsivity than other thermal detectors.

The devices are manufactured in standard TO style packages and have long expected lifetimes making them ideal for fit and forget applications such as gas sensing, detecting intruders and identifying the presence of a flame. We can supply detectors with up to four channels allowing for the detection of three gases simultaneously.

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