Pyroelectric detectors for point observation

Pyroelectric detectors with their low cost and power consumption are ideal detectors for point observation such as counting humans. People generate a large amount of electromagnetic radiation in the 8-14 micron band which can be picked up by the pyro. Using two pyroelectric sensors in the detector unit indicates not only that an object of interest is present but can provide speed and direction information.

Processing this data with specialist computer algorithms generates statistics that are useful to a large number of potential users. LASER COMPONENTS is a world leading manufacturer of pyroelectric detectors. From our research and production facility in Florida we supply customers all over the world with these rugged thermal detectors.

Our pyroelectric devices are extremely sensitive which means they have a very long range. We can detect objects that emit electromagnetic radiation out to 100 metres. The devices are manufactured in standard TO style packages and have long expected lifetimes making them ideal for this fi t and forget application.

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