Push-Pull circular connectors Y-Circ® P: new product configurator and more versions

Yamaichi Electronics offers an online product configurator for the Y-Circ® P series. The advantages:

  • Configures step-by-step your individual push-pull circular connector Y-Circ® P
  • Generates datasheets and offers a direct inquiry function
  • Easy to follow screen
  • Useful user account or quick access as guest

The push-pull circular connector series Y-Circ® P is being expanded continuously, the latest developments:

New CAT6A version with unique high-speed insulators

For high-speed data transmission special insulating inserts were developed. To ensure conformity with CAT6A the pin layout was redesigned. This particular layout is available in the diameters of 12 & 15 mm. This is unique on the market. Even at the smaller size 12, 10 Gbps can be achieved. The customer can select the specific connector size in accordance with their requirements.

Y-Circ® P also in black chrome

The black chrome surface of the Y-Circ® P connector generates less reflections, especially when used in outdoor applications and has a high-quality optical appearance. The black chrome surface shows – as does the standard chrome variant – high corrosion resistance and hardness.

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