Pulse Medical Grade HXU6200NL

Medical professionals and hospitals heavily depend on interconnected medical devices and systems, and as we know, the top priorities for medical applications are their performance and safety. Pulse Electronics recently have announced their new Medical Grade HXU6200NL Four Pair 30W Ethernet Magnetics which can be used in applications across MRI Machines, Surgical Equipment, CPAP, Infusion Pump and Dialysis Equipment. It is UL60601 qualified, assuring us that the Medical Grade HXU6200NL Four Pair 30W Ethernet Magnetics is a reliable choice for medical applications.

“Hospitals and imaging centres have strict regulatory guidelines in place to ensure patient safety as well as workflow productivity… We’ve designed the HXU6200NL Ethernet Magnetics to meet the high-performance specifications required for medical applications requiring two means of operator protection (MOOP),” said Jonas Miller, WW marketing manager of Pulse Networking.

The features and benefits of this new part include 4P PoE 30W, operating temperature from -40°C up to +85°C, 3KVrms Voltage isolation, 4mm Creepage, 2.5mm Air Clearance and over 12 years production support.


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