Protecting land, sea and air

RF Safe-Stop is the ultimate in deactivation technology, from Teledyne e2v – a leading provider of innovative technology for high performance systems and equipment. RF Safe-Stop is a state-of-art, non-contact jamming system with the ability to bring moving targets across land, sea and air to a controlled stop at a safe distance.

This technology is designed for multiple applications. It works by emitting radio frequency pulses and has a narrow frequency band so doesn’t interfere with radio communications, radar, or GPS. On land these radio frequency pulses can be aimed at target vehicles, causing electronic control units to become overloaded, triggering them to deactivate. The target vehicle still retains limited controllability, as its steering and brakes continue to work, but it is brought to a controlled stop, slowing down gradually. It then cannot move until the RF pulses stop being emitted. This is very useful for border patrol or drug-related cases, when a vehicle needs to be stopped without risk to those within the vehicle or those pursuing it.

This deactivation technology can also be fitted at harbour and sea checkpoints for protection, maritime policing and anti-piracy. Vessels are bought to a safe stop, in the same way that vehicles are on land, with the range of the pulses produced depending on the size of the antenna. The only difference is a slight change in frequency.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can also be safely stopped using this technology. The pulses emitted have a range of up to 400m and trials have proven that drones can be stopped alone, or in pairs and either returned to their senders or forced to land outside of the RF Safe-Stop ‘barrier’. This is important for the prevention of drones smuggling contraband items to and from places such as prisons, and preventing drones from entering restricted areas.

This non-contact deactivation system is allowing us to better protect land, sea and airspace due to the versatility of applications it supports.

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