Preparing for Gen Z: CommScope helps ensure all fibre is “YouTube Ready”

When the top career aspiration of a Generation Z kid is to be a YouTube star, it is further evidence that increased demand for bandwidth is growing at a rapid pace. Video is king, and data centres have little choice but to be ready for higher speeds and increased stress on their networks. CommScope is substantially expanding its complete portfolio of fibre solutions needed for any and all network speeds.

“Data centre managers need to know that their infrastructures can handle copious video downloads and uploads, massive data analysis and overall increased demand,” said John Schmidt, vice president of data centre solutions at CommScope. “Our team helps identify, design and build data centres to be ready now and in the future, with the capability to quickly and efficiently scale up or down. Flexibility makes a strong network backbone.”

The newest features in the High Speed Migration platform include enhanced high-density panels that support most singlemode and multimode fibre types – and secures them to protect active links during modifications. CommScope also offers a fibre performance calculator to confidently predict application performance. This tool gives customers loss targets for the high-performance links they have designed and the supported distance for high-speed singlemode or multimode applications.

Unique to the industry, CommScope’s application assurance provides the guarantee that applications today and in the future are fully supported. Most other warranties discuss component performance levels, but do not discuss the overall link performance. See the full terms and conditions of CommScope’s warranty for details.

Other features of the entire portfolio provide modular, ultra-low-loss (ULL) components that keep cloud, hyperscale or enterprise infrastructure scalable and flexible.

  • Interchangeable 8-, 12- and 24-fibre MPO (multi-fibre push) modules enable IT managers to build more capacity with existing fibre trunks.
  • Singlemode and multimode ULL fibre optimises budget and lifecycle of infrastructure investments.
  • OM5 wideband multimode fibre lowers the cost of 100G (and higher) Ethernet network speeds, extending the value of multimode fibre.
  • ULL performance maximises network speed, reach and topology options for flexible and agile network enhancements.

CommScope’s High Speed Migration portfolio works for duplex and parallel applications and allows customers to decide on the best approach to architecture. It also supports higher speeds and emerging applications without having to rip and replace. More than that, the platform allows CommScope to act as a trusted partner with our highly trained team of network architects who understand a customer’s business needs and provides insight to future data centre ecosystems and technology trends.

The High Speed Migration platform has been recognised throughout the industry. Most recently, CommScope was awarded with a Cabling Installation & Maintenance Silver Innovation Award for its “marked improvement over previous…products used.” A panel of third-party judges gave High Speed Migration high marks for its innovation, value, impact and sustainability.

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