PREMO enlarges its NFC antennas product range

Due to its compact dimensions and low profile (height less than 3,2mm), the new ZC1003HF Series from PREMO, based on NFC technology, is suitable for slim Smartphone designs improving communication distance, due to its high performance material.

Near Field Communications (NFC) market is growing rapidly worldwide and global shipments of cellphones equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology are expected to surge by more than a factor of four from 2013 to 2018, reaching 1.2 billion units, according to IHS Technology.

One of the most extended NFC applications is cashless payment but it is increasingly being used in applications such as, physical access, driver identification, keyless entry systems, peer-to-peer file sharing, and credential storage & exchange.

In an effort to meet the growing demands for NFC antennas, PREMO has developed a new Z axis SMD ferrite antenna suitable for signal´s reception/transmission at 13,56MHz.

The ZC1003HF series is highly sensitive and a compact solution (10x10x3.1mm) that has specially been designed for NFC applications where the size of components is critical. This innovative antenna requires less board space compared with PCB printed loop antennas and offers up to 30% longer reading distances. Furthermore, this Z-axis coil”s design offers an outstanding electrical performance and mechanical robustness, providing an excellent reliability, as they are designed and validated with automotive standards.

The ZC1003HF series is offered with 2,5µH/13,56MHz inductance value and can be tailored according to customer’s specifications.

The antenna includes a high performance NiZn ferrite core material (>106 Ohmm) and low initial permeability to work at high frequency. It provides a very stable performance in a wide range of temperature (-40ºC to +100ºC). Additionally, ZC1003HF series offers better performance over metal parts ground planes or batteries devices.

Its surface mount (SMD) and tape and reel packaging configuration allows an easy integration in an automatic printed circuit board assembly process, avoiding handling of the piece that could damage winding wire of the piece.

ZC1003HF can be used in RFID applications with ISO15693 (vicinity: I-CODE), ISO 14443A&B (proximity: MIFARE) interface, ISO18092, and Felica.

The product has been designed to match NFC chipsets from NXP, ams, Melexis and Texas Instruments, and PREMO is offering free samples for such NFC designer kit users.

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