PREMO enlarges its 3DP-Series of high-power integrated magnetic components for power converters in automotive

PREMO, the manufacturer of inductive components, has released the new 11kW 3DPower solution, a Full Bridge LLC Transformer 150 µH + Resonant Choke 25 µH merged in 1 single unit. It is said to provide up to 40-50 per cent reduction in volume compared with current discrete industrial solutions for the same power management.

Most of the Power Converters (resonant topologies) in the market has a Transformer, Resonant Choke and Output choke. Every component has their own design, core, winding and thermal dissipation solution.

3DPower is claimed to be the first product to integrate two magnetics components that share the same core and feature two orthogonal magnetic fields at all points within the core. The solution is described as giving an advantage starting at the beginning of the value chain.

Key features:

  • Power converter design with one inductive component in mind
  • One mechanical drawing interface to fit and connect
  • Improvement of MTBF
  • Important volume and weight reduction (-40 to -50 per cent).
  • Energy efficiency and cost effective
  • Carbon footprint reduction worldwide (energy reduction to produce magnetic cores). X3 Reduction of Ferrites.

Once electromagnetic performance is reached, internal and external thermal links are the most important question to solve in the design of these 3D-Power components: “Heat Dissipation”. Designing power densities and power sizes over 7kW turns in a heat increase. 3Dpower use CoolMag, a fully silicon compound compatible with the magnetics 100 per cent focused on power magnetic electronics to dissipate the heat from the top of the magnetic to the liquid cooling plate of the bottom is required. It provides a thermal conductivity bigger than 1.7 watts/mK. The air is removed by this silicon to improve the heat dissipation.


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