PowerLock Box offers fast emergency power supply connection

The VEAM PowerLock Box provides a single, easy-to-use connection point for any emergency generator and when fitted in a supermarket”s electrical switch room or sub-station, for example, allows cables from a mobile generator to be quickly connected to the store”s power system. The PowerLock Box has ground, neutral and 3-phase connectors which are keyway controlled and can only be mated in the correct sequence. Contacts are finger-protected to prevent inadvertent touching of live parts.

Electrical specifications include current ratings of 400A and 600A and up to 1,000VAC. Connectors are colour coded to international 3-phase standards and can be mated up to 500 cycles. The PowerLock Box is 19″ rack mountable in 2U space. Available in sealed, lidded and lockable versions, the PowerLock Box is also VDE certified.

ITT Interconnected Solutions

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