Powerful and easy-to-use GUI simplifies designs for precision signal chain applications

Maxim Integrated Products has unveiled the high-speed MAXREFDES74# 18-bit data acquisition system (DAS) reference design, which is intended to be used by FPGA engineers who will be able to quickly evaluate and validate their FPGA-based control systems and get to market faster. While achieving high-precision, high-speed digital control loops is a challenge for designers the MAXREFDES74# DAS is able to provide an 18-bit acquisition analogue input and output front end for applications needing high precision and high-speed data conversion based on FPGA digital processing.

The MAXREFDES74# plugs directly into a standard FPGA I/O expansion (FMC) and is fully equipped with complete hardware, firmware for Zynq FPGAs, Maxim’s easy-to-use PC-GUI, and Gerber files. The powerful online GUI tool displays the performance of the signal chain and eliminates the need for scopes or other equipment to generate and analyze waveforms, greatly simplifying the evaluation and validation phase.

“Our reference design helps designers achieve faster time to market thanks to a complete, high performance, proven board design as well as Maxim’s powerful and easy-to-use GUI,” said Carmelo Morello, Business Manager for precision converters at Maxim Integrated.

The MAXREFDES74# is a ready-made solution for analogue inputs and outputs built for FPGA-based systems. It is flexible and applicable for a wide range of industrial and medical applications, including test and measurement, instrumentation, industrial automation and process control markets.

Among the devices key advantages are:

  • Ease of design and faster time-to-market: high performance proven design and GUI simplifies system validation, calibration, and data analysis, offering a complete solution to optimise performance. 
  • Flexibility: pin compatible 16- or 18-bit signal path ICs provide the ability to tune designs for a variety of FPGA systems in different applications.
  • High precision and high speed: 16- and 18-bit solutions provide excellent precision and accuracy; an integrated fast SAR data converter enables high speed data conversion.


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