Power Supply directly next to the load

Emparro67 power supply units are specially designed for applications outside the control cabinet. They withstand extreme environmental conditions and can be installed directly in the field, next to the loads. This makes them the ideal solution for decentralized installation concepts. Power loss is reduced to a minimum.

Such losses occur if power supply units are used with an output voltage of 24 VDC and the power is supplied to the loads with cables that are too long. By using Emparro67, the voltage is converted from 230 VAC to 24 VDC directly at the load. By doing this, the power loss is much lower and the energy costs are reduced.

Installing the power supply units outside the cabinet by using Emparro67 offers many more benefits: Smaller cabinets can be used, in some applications it may even be possible to completely get rid of the cabinets.

To make power supply units suitable for extreme environmental conditions, their components have to be protected from mechanical stress. That’s why Emparro67’s compact and rugged metal housing is fully potted and IP67 sealed. Dirt, humidity, and cooling lubricants cannot damage the components. This makes Emparro67 a universal unit for many different applications.

The single phase Emparro power supplies for IP20 applications have proven how energy efficient they are in various applications. Their reliable active PFC technology is also used in Emparro67. This way, up to 92.4% of the energy applied can be used.

Emparro67 converts almost no energy into heat, therefore it’s always possible to touch the units, even when under full load and in high ambient temperatures.   The units work reliably up to ambient temperatures of 85°C, which is exceptional for power supplies.

Another excellent feature of Emparro67 is its power boost function. The units supply up to 150% of the nominal current for a period of up to 4 seconds. High capacitive loads can be started without causing voltage drops. An integrated primary fuse provides additional protection of the unit.

Emparro67 is available in two models with output current of 4 and 8 A – so you can select the model corresponding to the number of loads connected.

Emparro67 is just one of 40,000 products available from Murrelektronik Ltd, the UK arm of one of the world’s leading suppliers to the engineering industry: Murrelektronik GmbH. One of the leading worldwide manufacturers of advanced technology in electrical engineering and electronics.

Everything from a single source – Murrelektronik supply everything for machine and plant installations. By offering such a wide range of industrial automation products, Murrelektronik customers can opt to purchase the simplest of components or benefit from a complete system solution.

The product range is sub-divided into 4 comprehensive ranges: Electronics in the Control Cabinet, Interfaces, Connection Technology and I/O Systems

Electronics in the Control Cabinets
Our product portfolio includes a complete range of products, from simple transformers through to battery-backed, redundant, intelligent power distribution systems. Emparro is a highly innovative power supply unit with maximum efficiency and minimum power loss. Suppressor modules from Murrelektronik ensure machine availability. The benefits of suppressor technology are enormous and far outweigh the measures linked with its deployment – prevent malfunctions or faults and save considerable costs. Murrelektronik offers matched components for contactors, motors and valves designed for installation in control cabinets or in the field. Coupling modules from Murrelektronik can disconnect, switch or convert voltage – even where space is at a premium. Our product portfolio comprises a variety of relay and optocoupler modules that use the practical terminal block format. Our analog transformers and temperature converters are specially designed for applications in the field of process measuring and control technology.
Interfaces, Signal Conditioning and Light Towers
We provide you with solutions for your individual requirements with our comprehensive range of cabinet entry for you to connect to your controller inside the system. Front-panel interfaces make it easy to connect without even having to open the doors. More than 4000 possible insertion combinations provide maximum flexibility.
Connection Technology
Murrelektronik offers one of the most comprehensive ranges for connecting sensors and actuators. A great number of connectors are available from stock or will be produced within 48 hours after an order is places. The product range includes the classic M8-/M12 round plug connectors, valve connectors and Ethernet connectors. Our distribution systems with plastic or metal housings are universally installable. All passive distributors are pretested. Continuously plugged and pre-terminated cables make the wiring of sensors and actuators quick and easy. Distributors from Murrelektronik help to significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs.
I/O Systems & Fieldbus Technology
With Murrelektronik’s Fieldbus Technology, connecting sensors and actuators is convenient and systematically to a higher level. Cube 67 is a modular system especially for application-friendly installations. Impact67 equals major cost savings. MVK Metal is made for demanding industrial environments and MASI is unique because of its extremely simple installation technology.

For more information, please visit www.murrelektronik.co.uk or telephone 0161 728 3133


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