Power specialist energises production facilities

Power quality specialist REO UK has installed new robotic units into its production facilities to improve the accuracy of component and enclosure manufacturing. The new systems allow the company to maintain a consistently high standard of product, while also boosting production capacity in line with increasing demand for effective power quality equipment.


The new robotic systems, which are installed in REO’s Kyritz and Solingen production plants in Germany, streamline the process of manufacturing new electrical equipment. This allows for quicker production of high quality equipment in response to the increasing number of businesses now requiring a constant, safe and stable supply of electricity to maintain operation.


In the Solingen facility, the company has installed a robot to efficiently and effectively complete enclosure manufacturing. This allows the power electronic products manufactured in the plant, such as power controllers and switch mode power supplies, to be finished quicker, without sacrificing quality.


REO’s Kyritz plant, which specialises in creating power quality components for drive engineering, has been fitted with a welding robot. This ensures the welded seams of inductor housings are set precisely and identically, allowing products to be manufactured uniformly.


“The ongoing technological revolution is continually changing the electrical requirements of modern businesses,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “As new systems are installed in industrial plants and networks grow in size, the quality of the power in these environments becomes a concern. Yet each of these applications requires a reliable, clean power supply to perform effectively.


“Recent years have also seen power quality equipment become critical in tackling problems, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and harmonics in electrical systems for example. Electrical interference affects the performance of equipment, but also the lifespan of components unless addressed with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and harmonic filters.


“Because electrical engineers and plant managers need this equipment, REO has taken the step to strengthen its production plants. With the addition of screwing and welding robots, we are able to meet the market demand effectively while providing the same high standard of quality. This ensures businesses can get the equipment they need in a timely manner.”



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