Power Integrations unveils new reference design for efficient LED spotlight

Power Integrations has unveiled a new reference design for a dimmable PAR38 spotlight, developed in collaboration with Cree. The new design, described in DER-350, uses Power Integrations” new LYT4317E, a member of the company”s LYTSwitch-4 family of single-stage drivers, along with Cree”s MT-G2 EasyWhite LEDs.

DER-350 includes an isolated, high-power-factor, TRIAC-dimmable LED driver that has been optimised to deliver an LED current of 550 mA at 36 V (nominal) from an input voltage range of 90 VAC to 132 VAC. The combined PFC and CC single-stage, isolated topology of the LYTSwitch-4 IC delivers efficiency, a power factor of 0.98, and low component count. Over-voltage, overcurrent and over-temperature protection features are also built-in.

DER-350 also showcases the LYTSwitch-4 IC”s TRIAC dimming with very fast sub-200 ms start-up, reduced pop-on and no dead-travel, easily satisfying NEMA dimming curve requirements, for both leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmers.

Commenting Andrew Smith, product marketing manager at Power Integrations said: “The combination of the high lumen output, optical control and colour consistency of Cree”s MT-G2 EasyWhite LEDs makes it suitable for directional luminaires such as the PAR38 replacement lamp.”


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