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At the beginning of November, Power Products International launched a new website, with improved navigation, and a new responsive formatting, allowing users to view the site on tablet and mobile devices. This new website showcases the core skills and industry leading capabilities of a UK manufacturer with 30 years of experience in power electronics.

Power Products key skills and expertise are focused on providing the most efficient heatsink solutions, combined with robust power semiconductor assembly techniques, across a range of traditional and modern markets and technologies.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of single and three phase power semiconductor and rectifier assemblies, our design and manufacturing expertise is well proven. Our reputation as the ‘supplier of choice’ for many traditional high power applications including electric furnaces, cathodic protection and welding systems is well established.

With new advances in the design and assembly of high efficiency Aluminium & Copper heat sinks and cooling systems, Power Products are also leading the way with optimised thermal management performance in a range of more recent technologies. Increasingly it is in these high technology areas that the drive for ever more efficient power systems is in turn pushing the boundaries of thermal performance.



Key Product areas include:


Power Semiconductor Assemblies

Manufactured using combinations of discrete power semiconductors or modules mounted on heatsinks or liquid cooled plates, Power Products International provides a comprehensive range of traditional topologies with additional forms of protection, when required. The most popular are semiconductor and/or line fuses, overvoltage dv/dt protection and heatsink thermostats.

Firing cards and control boards can also be fitted together with current sensors and transducers for systems requiring additional intelligence.



Thyristor Controllers for HVAC heater element applications

The Power Products range of DIN Rail and Panel Mount Thyristor Controllers are designed for the control of resistive loads in electric furnaces and heater batteries in HVAC systems. With Single Phase 230V variants from 1kW to 12kW, and Three Phase 415V products up to150kW, these employ the burst pulse control principle, which keeps supply disturbances and electrical noise to a minimum. Standard products are usually available from stock, direct from Power Products.



Custom Designs

We are recognised experts in the design and manufacture of high power semiconductor assemblies, almost all of which are customer or application specific. Some example projects are:-

  • Hexaphase thyristor assembly 5000 amps
  • Three phase diode assembly 3300 amps
  • Water cooled thyristor assembly 2500 amps
  • 25kV 600A capacitor discharge circuit with fibre optic thyristor control



  • Single and three phase bridges (diode and/or thyristor)
  • Single and three phase inverse parallel thyristors
  • Hexaphase, six, twelve and twenty-four pulse



  • Wind turbines
  • Electro chlorination
  • Traction rectifiers
  • Ground power units
  • DC motor drives
  • Helicopter starters
  • AC motor soft starts
  • Heating
  • Industrial battery charging
  • Variable speed drives
  • Cathodic protection
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Electric welding
  • Solar PV inverters
  • Trackside rectification
  • AC drive power converters


Thermal Management Systems – Heatsinks & Liquid Cooled Plates

Efficient heatsinks are an essential component of any power semiconductor system. Power Products International stocks and supplies a comprehensive range of extruded aluminium profiles. In addition we have access to the latest technology on bonded & welded fin assemblies, providing our customers with some of the highest efficiency thermal management solutions. Standard or fully customised designs are available, and our engineering team work closely with customers to develop the final specification.

A wide range of extruded heatsink profiles are available in stock, for fast turn machining and delivery of prototypes, and strong partnerships with leading European suppliers ensure short lead times for production orders.



Liquid cooled plates are an efficient way to manage complex electronic systems that have high concentrated power. Liquid cooling is fast becoming the preferred solution to dissipate the high power of the latest generation (IGBT) modules.

Power Products International has more than 20 years’ experience in the development of water cooled plates. We take measures to ensure that the liquid flow is laminar, thus avoiding bubbles and cavitation caused by sharp edges or poorly specified radii which can lead to poor performance and excessive erosion. Capabilities include:

  • Custom designs
  • CNC machining
  • Copper tubes
  • Custom fittings
  • Stainless steel tubes
  • Thermal analysis
  • Tungum tubes


Contact Us

Visit our new website for further information www.ppi-uk.com

For heatsinks & and complex thermal management systems, the supply of individual power semiconductor devices, or the design and manufacture of complete rectifier assemblies, Power Products International are ready to help.

Email our engineering team (info@ppi-uk.com) to discuss your heat sink or assembly requirement.

Contact our sales team (sales@ppi-uk.com) to request a quotation for semiconductor devices


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