Power distribution outdoors or in harsh environments

Power distribution can be challenging especially when working outdoors or in harsh environments so is there a way to do this safely?

It’s a question faced by the industrial and construction industry regularly when commissioning a new machine or setting up a workplace on a temporary basis. One commonly used connection system are products that meet the IEC 60309-1 standard, or BS4343 industrial connectors within the UK, however when you consider their size they are not the easiest to handle. An enclosure needs to be larger than you’d like to use in order to accommodate the panel mounted parts, which invariably means the cost of your power solution starts to escalate quickly. The other factor to consider is the environment the products will be used within as they could face harsh environments, large temperature fluctuations or be regularly exposed to sunlight.

When you think of power you usually have a mental association with something larger than normal, say an earth mover or an A380 airbus, as it’s a common misconception that the most powerful things are the biggest. It can be also disconcerting when working with 400 volts and 32 amps making it hard to imagine that this can be done easily and safely, especially with regards to power distribution. It’s no wonder that when you think of power connectors you believe they are going to big, bulky and difficult to handle easily.

Scenarios mentioned above are not new to anyone working with power distribution and the associated connectors, however, until now, the solution to the issues have simply not been available. The industry needs the opportunity to move away from the traditional power connectors being used today and change to a better solution.

The ideal solution would be to have a smaller, robust and more reliable connector system that can withstand the constraints our wonderful British weather throws at it. A solution that challenges the myth that bigger is better especially when you consider the high IP-protected circular power connectors from the PRC range of Phoenix Contact.

The PRC range is up to 75% smaller than those meeting the IEC specification and yet it is rated to 35A and 690V, which exceeds the other products. The products are ideally suited for compact power transmission for use both indoors and outdoors as they are made from materials that offer up to IP69K ingress protection and are fully UV resistant, which again outperforms traditional power products.

With 3 and 5 pole versions you can cover your single or three phase power requirements with screwdriver or easy hand release options available. The range also contains device connectors with pre-wired or screw connections, cable and coupler connectors, angled or straight back-shells, colour coding choices and dust caps for both connection sides.

The PRC range has been recently expanded to enable safe and reliable power distribution. The pluggable power distributor boxes are pre-assembled and enable easy and time-saving installation when combined with the existing PRC series of connectors.

The next time you are looking for a way to transfer power safely and reliably remember bigger isn’t necessarily better.


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