POLYRACK introduces new System Monitoring Board SMC3 to the market

With the new SMC3 system monitoring board POLYRACK expands its range of system accessories. The SMC3 represents a smart and compact system monitoring for CPCI, VME or VPX board systems.

The new system monitoring board is a modified version of the SMC2 system monitoring board and has been significantly improved in terms of functionality and usability. Among others, it is for example used in VME and CPCI systems, where it intelligently controls the system fans. Thanks to intelligent control algorithms it combines maximum cooling performance with minimum noise.

The SMC3 has a wide operating voltage range of 5 to 36VDC and five digital inputs and outputs (open collector). A special feature is its ability to monitor and control up to six fans divided into three groups. It is also used to monitor up to eight system voltages and up to eight temperatures, which is particularly essential for use in high-performance systems.

To ensure the safety of a system, the system monitoring board can perform an automatic shutdown of the system in case of overtemperature, and the remote control functionality allows the system to be powered up and down via Ethernet. SMC3 is optionally available with an LED-bar or LCD-display to indicate the system status and allows easy commissioning through a smart self-learning mode.

Depending on the application and customer requirements, all control and monitoring parameters of the system monitoring board can be adapted.

With a size of only 80 x 75mm, it is less than half the size of its predecessor SMC2 and mechanically compatible with its smaller brother SM2.

To facilitate commissioning all parameters of the SMC3 can be flexibly adjusted through a small software tool by the user.

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