Plus Opto Announces Launch of LG Chem OLED Lighting Range

Plus Opto Ltd, The Optoelectronics Specialist, has signed the first agreement to distribute the OLED Lighting product range from market leader LG Chem, in the UK.

The range includes the world’s largest commercially-available panel at 320mm x 320mm and – an industry first – a flexible OLED panel on plastic substrate with a bend radius of 30mm.

Panels are available in 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures. A CRI of 90, efficacy of 90lm/W and lifetime – previously a concern for potential OLED users – up to 40000 hours, makes LG Chem OLED panels the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

All items are in mass production and samples are available from stock. Also in stock at Plus Opto are DIY kits, comprising one or two 100mm panels complete with cable and connector, touch switch, power supply and a manual, allowing the user to create smart, flexible designs in minutes.

Plus Opto’s Marketing Manager, Martyn Skipper commented: “For over 20 years Plus Opto has been at the forefront of optical electronics development. OLED lighting is now an affordable, accessible technology and Plus Opto is delighted again to take the lead. This is an exciting time in the fast-moving world of solid-state lighting and LG Chem has proved with its investment in R&D and largescale production that it is prepared to hold on to market leadership”.

LG Chem’s Marek Ramski added: “LG Chem’s wide range of OLED light panels will provide the lighting designers and architects various opportunities to be unique. With OLED light panels, there is infinite possibility in design because they are ultra-thin and light, even flexible. OLEDs are very special in that you need to feel the light in order to truly appreciate them. Having such a prestigious distributor as Plus Opto as a partner in the UK is a great opportunity for us.”

Unlike LED, OLED lighting provides surface illumination, with high CRI, creating a pleasant light source, with no so-called “blue hazard” or UV and no need for heatsinking. Because the light is diffused across the surface, there is no need for additional diffusers or optics, reducing cost, and size of luminaire.

In addition to the portfolio of OLED Panels, LG Chem now offers a range of mounted panels for easy installation into a customer’s design. In the “Transparent Connection” range the OLED panel is mounted on glass. The electrical connection is made by an invisible mesh applied to the glass laminar structure, giving the impression of a light source floating in the centre of a transparent glass sheet. Other mounting solutions are also in development including low profile aluminium or chrome-finished modules with click-to-connect or magnetic connections. Rail mounted, rotating and static click-connections give yet more flexibility to potential designs. With LG Chem OLED lighting the range of possibilities open to designers is huge. Possible applications include: domestic and general lighting; furniture and shelving; commercial projects such as libraries, galleries and similar public spaces; and advertising, Point of Sale and retail display.

LG Chem OLED Light panels are driven by constant current, and compatible power supplies are also available from Plus Opto.

About Plus Opto

Plus Opto, the Optoelectronics Specialist, was established in 1994 and continues to build its business with a focus on LED and display solutions, across an increasing range of products and applications. Whilst applications are diverse, key markets include: information displays, security systems, signalling, signage, retail, and general & architectural lighting.

About LG Chem

LG Chem, located in Seoul, South Korea, is an OLED light panel manufacturer which provides OLED light panels in a variety of shapes and sizes. Nine different models are available with two different colour temperatures (3,000K/4,000K), which deliver high colour rendering levels (CRI>90) as well as achieving high luminance, high efficacy and long lifespan. For more information, please visit the website at and the Facebook page at

For more information contact Martyn Skipper at Plus Opto: or visit

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