PIM analyser supports component testing in R&D or QA

The PIM S1L analyser, now available from Link Microtek, has been designed to provide R&D laboratories and quality assurance departments with a straightforward means of testing components for passive intermodulation (PIM), which is of particular concern to telecoms companies as it can cause signal degradation and loss of capacity in network infrastructure.

Manufactured by US firm AWT-Global, the instrument is available in a number of different models covering frequency bands from 698 to 2690MHz. It is easy to operate and its wide, fully adjustable transmit power range of 15 to 44dBm enables testing to be carried out in compliance with the IEC 62037 international standard.

As well as offering four test modes as standard – diagnostic, analyser, PIM-over-time, and sweep mode – the unit can be specified with an optional embedded module that provides distance-to-fault and distance-to-PIM measurements.

This accurate and reliable instrument has a very high PIM sensitivity of -172dBc, a typical dynamic range of 96dB and power accuracy of +/- 0.35dB. Operating temperature range is specified as 0 to 45degC, and the unit has overall dimensions of 521 x 396 x 236mm.

Optional accessories include low-PIM cables, adapters, a 100W low-PIM load and a 90dBm PIM generator for quick system tests.


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