PerforMore: the compact connector system for powerful electric vehicle drivetrains

Developed to meet the demanding requirements of electric and hybrid vehicle drivetrains, the new PerforMore connector system from Stäubli Electrical Connectors can carry a continuous current of 400A or more with minimal power loss.

The rugged devices are suitable for connecting the whole drivetrain, including batteries, inverters, motors and high voltage distribution units. Their low contact resistance is due to the company’s proprietary MULTILAM multi-contact system, which also guarantees strong resistance to vibration and elevated temperatures.

The PerforMore is exceptionally compact, with a pitch only usually found with significantly lower current ratings, while maintaining the clearances and creepage distances necessary for high operating voltages. In the mated condition in particular, its low profile gives a clear advantage in the efficient use of available vehicle space.

Installation is quick and easy, while disassembly is user friendly and safe, with protection against accidental disconnection and arc flash. This is due to a two stage unlocking system which ensures the high voltage interlock loop is interrupted in the first stage before disconnection of the live contacts in the second stage.

The two pole connector has 10mm diameter contacts and is rated at 1000V, as defined in LV215 standards. Robust and reliable, it features ingress protection to IP67 and IP69 according to IEC 60529 when mated, and IP2X unmated.

Mechanical keys and colour coding offer additional flexibility and safety if using more than one connector in a vehicle, by eliminating the risk misconnections.

A high number of evenly distributed contact points in the power contact shielding ensures high quality 360 degree EMC shielding even at high frequencies.

The highly efficient power transfer and long operating life make the PerforMore ideal for powerful electric cars, vehicles with fast charging capabilities and utility vehicles such as trucks and buses.

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