Peregrine unveils SPDT RF switch for battery-powered and telematics applications

Peregrine Semiconductor, a fabless provider of high-performance radio-frequency (RF) integrated circuits (ICs), has launched the SPDT PE42421 RF switch, which is available in a miniature, 6-lead SC-70 package. The new switch offers a small package size, strong ESD performance of 2 kV on the RFC port, low voltage support down to 1.8V VDD, and low power consumption of 9 microamperes (typ.), and is well suited for battery-powered portable applications, as well as automotive-telematics applications.

The 50 Ohm, reflective UltraCMOS PE42421 switch features high linearity of 50 dBm IIP3 and on-chip, low-voltage CMOS control logic. It can be controlled using either single-pin or complementary-control inputs. Additionally, the switch features low insertion loss of 0.35 dB @ 1.0 GHz and 0.50 dB @ 2.0 GHz, with high isolation of 30 dB @ 1 GHz and 20 dB @ 2 GHz. Using a nominal +3V power-supply voltage, a typical input 1 dB compression point of +33.5 dBm can be achieved.

“Customers continue to push for low power and high ESD performance in the smallest package size possible, in order to deliver optimal RF performance in their portable device, and automotive-telematics designs,” said Mark Schrepferman, director of marketing for Peregrine Semiconductor’s high-performance solutions business unit. “The PE42421 switch meets these needs, and also makes customers’ manufacturing processes more reliable.”

Peregrine also announced the PE42421 Evaluation Kit. It includes a USB interface board and cable and can be ordered from Peregrine’s global direct sales representatives and global distribution network.


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