Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers from Advanced Interconnections Corp.

Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers from Advanced Interconnections Corp. reduce PC board assembly time by eliminating hand-loading of socket terminals and pins. Available in virtually any pattern to match your existing board layout – simply solder to the PC board and peel away the polyimide film carrier. Ideal for socketing heat sensitive devices and board-to-board mating.

Available in single, dual, and triple row strips from 2 to 100 positions per row, on 1.27mm, 2.00mm, or 2.54mm pitch, and can be easily customized. Configurations are available for a variety of board stack heights, and unique options include staggered patterns and solder preform terminals.

For applications that require low profile and customizable PCB configurations, Peel-A-Way® Removable Term inal Carriers are the perfect solution. Compared to traditional molded insulators, the ultra-thin, 0.13mm polyimide film carrier, employing near flush solder tail terminals (Type -210), reduces component height above the PC board by as much as 80%, down to 0.38mm. For board-to-board applications, standard PCB spacing (stack height) options range from 1.14mm to 6.35mm with custom options available to suit virtually any application.

  • Replaces hand-loading operations
  • Enables complete solder joint inspection
  • Easily customized with multiple terminal stylesUltra-thin 0.13mm polyimide film carrier
  • High reliability screw-machined terminals with multi-finger contacts
  • RoHS Compliant with Matte Tin or Gold plating options
  • Application-specific designs and surface mount options are available
  • Request a sample, watch a video, or build a part number online at

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