PCBONLINE Updates Purchase Platform for Advanced PCB Online Orders

Recently, PCBONLINE updates its PCB quote system https://sys.pcbonline.com/instant-quote/ for the public to purchase advanced PCB boards and PCB assemblies online.

The one-stop custom PCB manufacturer PCBONLINE has been specialized in the fabrication and assembly of advanced printed circuit boards since 1999. Based on its endeavors in supply chain integration, PCBONLINE also sources affordable PCB components for assembly. From prototypes to large-scale production, PCBONLINE grows to an electronics manufacturing services provider that also offers electronics box builds.

“We found that the future business trends will focus on customization, so the traditional standardized PCB production line has been unable to meet the R&D of high-end electronic products and can not fully meet customer requirements and lose competitiveness. To adapt to the changing world and insist on providing the best PCB and EMS services, we provide customized service to our customers by means of the parent company’s long history in high-end PCB manufacturing and Internet tools,” said Winson Zhang, COO of PCB ONLINE LTD. For this reason, apart from continuous investment in PCB technology and innovation, PCBONLINE also keeps on optimization of its website and quote system for a better customer experience.

What’s New in pcbonline.com 3.0 Version?

PCBONLINE’s website current 2.0 version provides customers sufficient details about their different PCBs, such as circuit board specs, manufacturing capability, manufacturing process, etc. And it’s current quote system 2.0 version supports free registration, online quote, PCB visualization and analysis, and online payment.

The coming 3.0 version keeps these advantages and adds new merits:

Website 3.0 version –

  • Clearer and more user-friendly homepage interface
  • Minor changes to the text of web pages for more inaccurate description
  • Faster website speed and smoother reading experience

Online quote system 3.0 version –

  • More user-friendly interface and clearer instructions
  • Smoother online quotation process
  • Easier payment methods

What Impressive Products and Services You Can Expect from PCBONLINE?

PCBONLINE focuses on middle and high-end PCB manufacturing and assembly, but if customers want simpler boards, it can also do the job easily. No matter how complex your design is, you can expect high-quality PCB manufacturing and assembly such as:

  • Ceramic PCB
  • Aluminum PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid-flex PCB
  • High-frequency PCB
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Heavy-copper PCB
  • Halogen-free PCB
  • Lead-free PCB
  • Carbon ink PCB
  • Carbon nanotube PCB

Below are the points that make PCBONLINE a good EMS contract manufacturer:

  • One-on-one engineering support and customer service
  • Free design for excellence for all PCB manufacturing and assembly projects
  • Customers can trace the whole process online, from materials, PCB parts, manufacturing, to final delivery
  • Complete quality management system – certified with ISO 9001, ISO 16949, IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, UL, REACH, and RoHS standards
  • Free complete PCBA samples and functional tests for bulk orders
  • All users who register from PCBONLINE’s website enjoy $100 coupons for online purchases
  • Careful check for Gerber files and bill of materials before giving a quote. Engineering service is offered if anything’s wrong with your side.

What Industries does PCBONLINE Serve?

PCBONLINE mainly provides bare printed circuit boards and PCB assemblies to projects from these industries:

  • Research Institute
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Communication
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Consumer electronics

“Even though your price is not the lowest quoted to me, I do intend to order these boards from you; part of the reason is how well you handle your customers, and this gives me some confidence that your fab will do well with that one. Still, since you are a new supplier for me, I would like to see how things go with the order you already have before going forward with the next one. ” Jim Klitzing, a communications scientist said when he ordered the first Rogers PCB prototypes from PCBONLINE. When he received the circuit boards, he said, “just a quick note to thank you and all your team involved in producing these boards for me. They arrived safely and are of the best quality; testing in our product is yielding excellent results.”


PCBONLINE is global leader in advanced PCBs manufacturing and assembly. More its information and products can be found at https://www.pcbonline.com/.

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