PCB terminals from Harwin improve build quality, increase design flexibility

Wide choice of styles available ex-stock

Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and PCB hardware manufacturer, is announcing a wide range of PCB terminals (turrets). These simple, yet effective PCB hardware products are often overlooked, but can save assembly costs, improve build quality and increase design flexibility.

Explains Product Manager Paul Gillam: “Products such as our H3108-01 0.5mm diameter terminal pin can be used to construct a pluggable PCB assembly – perhaps a module or daughterboard. The H2173-05 – another terminal pin – adds a swaged retention feature for extra strength. Both these types can also be used to attach wires, avoiding soldering the wire direct to a PCB.”

Turret styles are also available. These are often used to enable customers to solder heavy gauge wire from a power supply, for example, to a PCB. Generally these are swaged because a secure mechanical fix is needed. The different styles give the customer flexibility in design and the opportunity to attach several wires to the same post.


About Harwin

Harwin is a manufacturer of standard interconnect components with an enviable reputation for high quality and exceptional customer service. Harwin has been successfully manufacturing electronic components for more than 60 years. Harwin’s sales and service extend worldwide via offices and manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Singapore and a worldwide distribution network. Products include: High Reliability devices; RFI & PCB Hardware; and an extensive range of industry standard interconnection solutions. The company operates a continuous product development program.


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