Paving the way to next-generation high-speed broadband experiences

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor company serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, is previewing a new high-performance DOCSIS 3.1 platform in a live demonstration in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Next generation DOCSIS3. cable modems will help Multiple System Operators (MSOs) satisfy surging consumer demand for high-speed data services such as 4K Ultra-HD, multi-screen video-streaming services, Cable IPTV, gaming, file sharing, and home security. DOCSIS 3.1 delivers up to 5Gbps downstream and 2Gbps upstream, better network capacity and energy efficiency, as well as lower latency to offer outstanding end-user experiences. Backward compatibility with legacy DOCSIS 3.0 network equipment provides operators with smooth migration paths.

As operators plan to trial and introduce DOCSIS 3.1 equipment to their networks during 2015, ST is among the first to demonstrate a working platform. The demonstrations highlight flawless interoperability with infrastructure equipment from major vendors, as well as successful integration of the RDK-B broadband-enabled software stack. The emerging RDK-B open-source distribution managed by RDK LLC contains common components that streamline data-gateway product development while preserving freedom to innovate through easy integration of additional services.

“Service providers will want to introduce DOCSIS 3.1 equipment quickly and seamlessly into their networks and our “First-Time-Right” methodology and successful demonstration proves that we are on course to deliver the mature and certified solutions the industry needs to roll out compliant cable gateways to subscribers throughout North America and Europe when they are ready,” said Philippe Notton, group vice president and general manager, Consumer Product Division, STMicroelectronics.

The demonstrations in Las Vegas include:

– Full RDK-B gateway Software including speed tests with detailed performance data including main-processor loading under various operating conditions.

– DOCSIS  3.1 real-time communication over standard COAX cable with a third party CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) down-streaming data over a single 96MHz channel using OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulation with sub-carrier modulated in QAM4096 and up-stream communication over a 80Mhz channel modulated in QAM1024.


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