Passive Component Networking Days Symposium 2017

The European Passive Components Institute (EPCI) is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for the first Passive Component Networking Days Symposium (PCNS) jointly organised together with Technical University of Brno on Sep 12-15th in Brno, Czech Republic.

Passive components represent more than 80% of the parts used on a PCB. Therefore, they are one of key elements of electronic design. PCNS is a European technical conference that is totally dedicated to Passive Components. It is an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in this field and meet recognized international experts from industry, academia and other agencies/organisations.

The aim of the PCNS event is to promote discussion of recent developments and trends and to encourage the exchange of technical expertise and information covering a broad range of passive electronic components. The PCNS proceedings will be ISBN-listed to validate the published papers. The papers presented will be also recommended to relevant magazines for publication in order to encourage the active participation of universities.

Hardware engineers, field application engineers, component engineers, procurement specialists and all other participants interested in passive components will also have a chance to attend one of the pre-event four hour capacitor, resistor or inductor seminars – from basics down to the depth of the technology.

“With current absence of a dedicated passive components international symposium, PCNS will deliver a much-needed opportunity for the whole industry chain”, said Tomas Zednicek, EPCI president and head of the PCNS organising committee. A recent successful event targeted at space applications, the ESA’s Space Passive Conference Days (SPCD ) – a bi or tri-annual symposium held at ESTEC, in The Netherlands – attended more than 200 participants, showing how important still is today to meet face to face with industry professionals. PCNS will focus on a wider base of industries as well as academia, and the two events may become complementary.” 

 Adds Zednicek: “Passive components are often considered by designers as ‘simple’ and ‘not so important’, so they may not be allowed to attend a three day symposium purely on passive components. Therefore, EPCI is planning to share PCNS papers via its e-Symposium on-line platform (under development) after the event as a tailor-made selection of proceedings with content dependent on the scope of interest of the audience. This tool will serve as proof that this conference is a vital and successful way to deliver valued technical information.”

PCNS is open for wide range of passive components including capacitors, resistors, inductors, RF passive devices, cables and connectors in wide range of applications. Topics include all important areas such as high reliability, new technologies, simulation & modelling etc. A Call for Papers flyer is available at the PCNS website . Abstract submission is open online at the conference website Deadline is 2nd April 2017.

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