Panel mount M12 connectors can be surface mounted

Circular connector specialist binder has added surface mount panel connectors to its wide-ranging series of M12 connectors.

binder expects to see these SMT connectors used across several industry sectors including control, automation, sensing and instrumentation equipment. Being capable of surface mounting, they are ideal for high volume applications where automated production is used.

The connector is supplied in two halves. The SMT contact carrier made from liquid crystal polymer and an optional nickel-plated brass body should the application require.

According to binder, the connector can be reflow soldered at 250⁰C for up to 40 seconds and can be supplied with or without shielding. It is compatible with pick and place component systems and can come in tape and reel packaging.

Both male and female versions are available with gold-plated contacts on the mating side and gold/tin plated contacts on the solder side in four, five and eight pole formats. The M12 interface is provided with A, B and D coding.

The housings have a height of either 9 or 13mm and protect to IP67 when mated. Current rating is 2A and 4A with voltages at 60V, 125V and 250V.

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