Panel feed-through housings offer sealing on both sides suited to fire protection on rail vehicles

New from HARTING the Han HPR panel feed-through housings are sealed on both sides, and so meet the requirements of IP 66 and IP 68  according to IEC 60529 from both the cable side and the device side in a panel-mount installation.

With the new housings, no condensation from the device side can reach the contacts, eliminating the possibility of corrosion or even a short circuit. In addition, Han HPR panel feed-through housings are suited to fire-protection applications in rail vehicles that demand reliable sealing against fire and smoke in both directions.

The new housings also offer the possibility of factory pre-assembly of the cable sets, which can lead to additional benefits in terms of ease of handling and savings in time and money.

The Han HPR panel feed-through housings, manufactured in robust die-cast aluminium, meet the usual requirements of the Han(R) HPR housing range, including protection of the contact area against corrosion, shock and vibration in harsh environments.

 Variants are available for inside and outside installation for each of the sizes 6B, 10B, 16B, 24B. Han HPR panel feed-through housings are equipped with the standard screw locking for the Han HPR housing range.


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