Panasonic honours Avnet Abacus, Schukat, Anglia and Future Electronics in 2017 distribution awards

Panasonic Industry Europe is proud to announce its four 2017 distribution awards: Avnet Abacus is named Broad Line Distributor of the year; Schukat has been honoured with the title of High Service Distributor of the year; Anglia picks up the Regional Distributor award and Future Electronics was honoured for creating the highest demand.

Left to right: Max Jakob (Panasonic), Peter Kokot, Ubaldo Ventura, Emma Gould, Hagen Götze (all Avnet Abacus), Clara Tassara (Panasonic), Ekaterina Rachel, Claudia Jocher, Angelo Bosoni (all Avnet Abacus), Rudolf Kammerer (Panasonic)

Avnet Abacus – Broad Line Distributor of the Year Award

“We are very pleased that Avnet has won this award,” said Rudolf Kammerer, director Distribution Sales Division, Panasonic. “Our channel partners and distributors are a vital part of Panasonic, and Avnet has successfully proven its ability to serve our authorised partners with both pre and post-sales support. Avnet is committed to delivering industry-leading customer service, and we are thrilled to recognise the company for its excellent sales growth. We congratulate Avnet for being named the 2017 Panasonic Broad Line Distributor of the Year, and we thank them for the fantastic work they do addressing the needs of our partners.”

Hagen Götze, director of Supplier & Product Management, European Product Marketing, Avnet Abacus, says: ““This award is recognition of the hard work and commitment of the team at Avnet Abacus which, in collaboration with Panasonic, has delivered outstanding results through a high level commercial and technical engagement. This approach provides the foundation for continued growth and success together with Panasonic.”

Left to right: Max Jakob (Panasonic), Silvio Ganzer (Panasonic), Bert Schukat, Annette Landschof (both Schukat), Rudolf Kammerer (Panasonic)

Schukat – High Service Distributor Award

Commenting on the High Service Award, Silvio Ganzer, Distribution, Panasonic said: “We have been very impressed with Schukat’s activity to promote Panasonic in Europe. Based on POS Sales and customer acquisition, Schukat is now a leading player for Panasonic in the High Service channel sales space in Europe, and I would like to congratulate their teams and thank everyone concerned for their support of our line.”

Added Bert Schukat, managing director Schukat: “Panasonic is a great example of a franchise that matches the needs of our customers: they deliver a wide technology portfolio of parts – starting with its range of high performance capacitors over their resistor technology, thermal management solutions, GaN semiconductors, communications ICs, etc. – which enable designers to create new products that have distinct performance or commercial market advantage.”

Left to right: Max Jakob (Panasonic), Tobias Erthle (Panasonic), Justin Palmer, Olivier Mannina (both Future Electronics), Rudolf Kammerer (Panasonic)

Future Electronics – Demand Creation Distribution Award

Tobias Erthle, Distribution, Panasonic was happy to give Future Electronics the award for Demand Creation. He said: “Future Electronics is a very forward-looking company, always ready to embrace new technologies and address new markets. They have been very successful in identifying new opportunities for us and I am delighted to recognise their success.”

Added Justin Palmer, supplier development manager at Future Electronics: “We are keen to work with dynamic, innovative partners. Panasonic is an excellent example of such a supplier and we enjoy the open communication that has developed as a result of the strong partnership that we have between our two companies. We are honoured to receive this award and thank Panasonic very much.”

Left to right: Max Jakob (Panasonic), Ian Needham (Panasonic), John Bowman, David Pearson (both Anglia), Rudolf Kammerer (Panasonic)

Anglia – Regional Distributor of the Year 2017

“Panasonic strongly supports its sales strategy through distribution,” explains Ian Needham, Distribution, Panasonic. “The fact that Anglia is an important and close sales partner for Panasonic confirms our orientation. Above all, Anglia has played a significant role in our rapidly growing sales in 2017 due to their outstanding POS and POP performance,” adds Mr. Needham.

John Bowman, marketing director, Anglia, comments: “We are delighted to be honoured with this award, as it shows persistent efforts of our team, the realisation of vision and of the commitment over the years in business. Indeed, we owe this success to our partners and an outstanding cooperation with them, to the competences of our team and to our recognised flexibility.”

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