Panasonic AGQ-TH relay series – 4th generation telecoms relays

The Panasonic AGQ signal relay series has been extended to include a new version: the AGQ-TH.

With this relay an inrush current of 3.5A can be switched for 250ms (with parallel contact configuration). Another new feature is an additional 2.4V coil voltage.

With the AGQ Panasonic Electric Works is offering a relay featuring a maximum built height above the circuit board of 5.2mm in the wired version and 5.65mm in the surface-mounted version. At 10.6mm in length and 7.2mm in width, it also has just 70 per cent of the footprint of existing 3rd generation telecoms relays.

The spacing of 3.2mm between the coil and contact connections and 2.2mm between the contact connections ensures compliance with the Bellcore specification (2500v, 2×10µs) between the coil and contact as well as a high withstand voltage (1500v, 10×160µs) between the open contacts.

Typical applications:

  • HVAC temperature controller
  • Thermostats
  • Battery-powered applications
  • And all applications in which a high inrush current can occur

Samples of the AGQ-TH are available upon request.

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