Pacer secures new franchise agreement with 4D Systems

Optoelectronics expert Pacer International has today announced a new franchise agreement with 4D Systems, further enhancing its intelligent displays product offering.

Markku Riihonen, Global Products and Business Development Manager at 4D Systems comments: “The proliferation of handheld electronic devices has led to mass development of touch screen interfaces with full colour display; however, integrating a display into a product, new or existing, can be costly, a drain on resources and time-consuming.  Sourcing the relevant components and carrying out the pre-development work internally can take at least 9-12 months which is why many companies often abandon or postpone the project.

To counter this challenge, we provide a complete, ready to go solution which includes all the discrete components in a single intelligent display module or smart display.”

4D Systems is a global leader of intelligent displays and graphics processors. Its range of embedded displays leverages OLED and LCD technology and its dedicated graphics processors provide the horsepower to bring superior, yet affordable graphics systems to any application.

Markku continues: “Working alongside companies like Pacer provides us with the opportunity to raise further awareness within the wider engineering community to demonstrate that a solution like ours exists and the associated benefits.  What is particularly impressive about Pacer is the personal touch and their ability to build enduring relationships with their customers – a true indication that the organisation is well respected as a value-add partner.”

Kevin Pearson, Product Manager at Pacer International comments: “When considering moving from mono, we’ve recognised that a lot of our customers are looking for an integrated solution that provides a quicker time to market.  Working together with 4D Systems, we can offer that solution – a solution that is scalable, cost effective and of the quality required within the industrial space.”

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