Orthogonal direct-power connector uses split-blade technology to deliver power to backplane line cards

Molex Incorporated recently introduced the EXTreme OrthoPower orthogonal direct-power connector system designed for routing power to backplane line cards in networking and telecommunications applications. The new EXTreme OrthoPower system uses a dedicated power card to power each line card for 30.0A in-and-out-routing, delivering a total of 60.0A per module via split-blade technology.

“Direct-power has become increasingly critical because of the need for higher system speeds and more cost-effective solutions. OEM designers are challenged with space and board-routing constraints and, specifically, how best to bring power to line cards,” states Rich Benson, new product development manager, Molex. “The orthogonal style EXTreme OrthoPower connector mounts to a dedicated power card to route power directly to each line card.”

A first-to-market direct-power orthogonal configuration, the Molex EXTreme OrthoPower system has been designed to reduce cost by eliminating power routing through a separate orthogonal backplane connector. The EXTreme OrthoPower connector features validated power contacts and a robust guidance system for proper mechanical alignment during mating. Packaged in a rugged orthogonal style housing the EXTreme OrthoPower system is based on other proven Molex power connectors, including the EXTreme LPHPower and EXTreme Ten60Power systems.

“By reducing the number of components for power routing requirements the direct-power orthogonal architecture incorporates a cost-cutting angle, while solving a design conundrum for OEMs who need higher power in a compact package,” adds Benson.



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