Optimising global energy savings

Leading international companies within a variety of industries including retail, hospitality and finance, are now realising large savings on energy costs, consumption and CO2 emissions following installation of voltage optimisation systems, from market leading brand, Powerstar.


Recent savings results from Powerstar projects, released in January 2017, show how clients in a range of industries, markets and geographical areas, including the UK, Africa, Europe, Australasia and the USA have benefitted from the technology.


Internationally renowned businesses such as KMPG, Investec, Continental Cars and Pick n Pay are all enjoying savings as a result of Powerstar, with the latest batch of international installations providing average energy reductions of 11.7 per cent.


Within the UK, local companies such as Hydes brewery and Roach Bros curers continue to showcase the solution’s success in reducing electrical consumption across a wide range of applications.


A more recent project, completed in late 2016, has seen Powerstar install a number of voltage optimisation solutions at Premier Inn hotels in Dubai, with savings for these projects to be analysed and released shortly.


Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director at Powerstar, said, “Voltage optimisation is a proven technology that is currently saving worldwide companies a significant amount on electricity costs every year.


“Our latest set of results showcase the flexibility of the technology to work across sectors, with voltage optimisation adapting in order a provide energy savings in a variety of different industries, applications and conditions.”




Photo caption: Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director at Powerstar

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