Optical bonded TFT LCD’s for the HI REL market

Over recent year’s Display Technology Ltd have supported a number of prestigious Military and Marine projects.  We have learnt that it is not only about the supply of components or part numbers, but the customer is looking for a long term supplier who understands the specific High Reliability (HI REL) needs.

REQUIREMENT 1 – Longevity of Supply
It is no good designing in a TFT Display which will be made EOL quickly. Where possible we would support the design with a manufacturer partner who will offer a 5 year continuity statement, and forward compatible development philosophy.  Our first offer would be based on the Japanese manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, and through recent corporate developments between our company and Fortec we are now able to offer Tianma NLT (Previously NEC)

REQUIREMENT 2 – High visibility
All of our displays have excellent contrast ratio’s, and we are able to offer increased brightness up to 2000cd, either direct from manufacturer or through our in house display enhancement division.
We have also recently made large investment in THREE optical bonding machines, and clean room facility.  Optical bonding eliminates the light reflection between the front of the LCD and rear of the protection glass / touchscreen which massively increases visibility in high ambient light conditions without increasing the power burden giving the ideal Low Power solution

REQUIREMENT 3 – Ruggedness
Our Optical Bonding process also eliminates the void between the layers which has proven to increase the ruggedness of the assembly.  Other advantages are that it eliminates the greenhouse effect and stops fogging / moisture build up behind the filter / touch screen

REQUIREMENT 4 – EMC Performance
We have supplied a number of customers who have needed an EMC filter applied to the display.  In conjunction with selected partners we are able to support with ITO and mesh filters depending on the EMC specifications required.  We can offer different ITO resistance levels, and support the mesh detail including mesh pitch, wire gauge and angle which will change for every display. We have the ability to screen print silver bus bars or apply copper tape for termination against the ITO / Mesh and display in the final construction. It is also proven that Optical Bonding aids EMC performance

REQUIREMENT 5 – Brightness Control
With latest developments in LED backlights over the traditional CCFL backlights, the customer has enjoyed a much greater control over brightness.  However, we have found that many backlight driver boards are not sufficient for HI REL applications.  It is for this reason we have developed our own programmable LED driver called the SMART LED. One of the main factors is that it allows much more control over the brightness regulation, particularly at low brightness levels.  During night conditions with display will need to have much more control over the 0 to 5 cd/m2 range.  With the SMART LED the brightness can be programmed to allow many more steps at these lower levels, and can follow a customer defined curve in conjunction with an ambient light sensor

REQUIREMENT 6 – Quality control
We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.  However we do not believe this is enough as the ISO approval is a very wide and often within HI REL projects the lower end of ISO is just not good enough.  At the start of a project we will determine the exact level of quality / traceability needed.  This can include but not necessarily be limited to dedicated part numbers, serial number scanning at goods in, batch logging, 100% testing etc.  All parts are rev’ed and any changes made are through specific PCN control.  We use the SAP manufacturing software package and Docuportal which gives FULL traceability throughout the project life

REQUIREMENT 7 – Project Management
At the start of any project an experienced project manager will be allocated as the main point of contact.  This person will be professionally qualified and will be there to support the development from initial stages through to production.  We have a saying that this person may not be able to answer all the questions, but they will be able to understand what is being asked and will be able to obtain the answer quickly and efficiently

REQUIREMENT 8 – Company Pedigree
Display Technology Ltd are 100% owned by the Data Display Group in Munich.  This group consists of 4 separate display specialist companies with total sales in excess of €30M (excl Fortec). We have full access to the complete network of engineers within the group which allows for electronic design (board level), CAD design (AutoCAD / Solidworks), and mass production capability where assembly work is required.  We are financially stable and invite customers to check our accounts (both at Display Technology and the Data Display Group) and we are confident you will see that we are a professional and stable company

Please contact us to see how we can support you project


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