Open up new opportunities with Analog Devices at DSEI London 2017

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) will be at the world leading Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) show in London, UK and is looking to meet customers for new partnering opportunities. ADI delivers every level of integration up to subsystem design with integrated airborne, seaborne, ground or communications applications, that are the broadest in the industry. Experts will be available to discuss how ADI is able to support the shifting aerospace and defence paradigm in all phases of the industry value chain, with more scale, more speed and easier adoption. Demonstrations on their leading phased array radar solutions, secure communications solutions, and inertial navigation/stabilisation capabilities will be shown.

The visitors will find ADI from 12–15 September at Booth N4-173, in the Communications Zone.

ADI demonstrations at DSEI will include:

Demo 1: ADI’s Phased Array Solutions

1.1 RF to Bits: X band Phased Array Solutions

Digital beamforming phased arrays are now common, and rapid proliferation is expected with a huge range of frequencies and architectures being developed from L-band through to W-band. ADI will be showing a complete X-band phased array signal chain including TR module, core IC, synthesisers, frequency converters, and high-speed digitisation. The demonstration includes ADI’s core ICs for hybrid and analog beamforming solutions for military and industrial radar & communication applications. 

1.2 TRx to Core chip

View ADI’s AD-TRXBOOST1-EBZ which adds gain and reduces the noise figure by adding an LNA tuned for 2.45 GHz (ADL5521) in series with the RX input of the FMCOMMS2/FMCOMMS3/FMCOMMS4/FMCOMMS5 boards. It also adds gain and increases the output power by adding a broad band gain block (ADL5610) in series with the TX output of the FMCOMMS2/FMCOMMS3/FMCOMMS4/FMCOMMS5 boards.

DemoRad – ADI’s Complete 24Ghz FMCW Radar Sensor Solution

Radar is increasingly being used in automotive, industrial and consumer applications as a sensing technology. A radar sensor can provide critical real-time information such as object presence, motion, speed, and distance and with a multiple beam radar can also detect an object’s angular position. It is therefore possible to use a single radar sensor to monitor several lanes of traffic on a busy road/highway at the same time. See how ADI’s DemoRad platform allows users to have a complete radar sensor running within minutes out of the box.

Demo 2: Secure Communications

Encrypted Video Data Link

Analog Devices designs, develops, and delivers secure solutions which enable encrypted datalinks for aerospace and defence applications. Working with the U.S. government, ministries of defence, and defence primes, ADI have over 45 years of experience in supporting and securing the warfighter. ADI’s capabilities include: High Assurance Encryption Link, NSA Type 1 expertise, Custom ASIC or FPGA Integration, Suite B experience.

RASKL Key Loaders

ADI will present the user-friendly, ruggedized, depot repairable RASKL device, a low cost, modern, Type 1 key fill solution. The Really Simple Key Loader is the leader in next-generation key loading. It implements a one button key squirt to fill your secure communication equipment. RASKL devices support modern keys and have a user-friendly HMI that requires no formal training.

Demo 3:  ADI’s IMU Solutions

High performance MEMs sensors for precision stabilisation and navigation requirements

See how Drones and other unmanned applications operate in severe environments, where precision stabilisation and navigation requirements rely on high performance MEMs sensors which can reject vibration, shock, and temperature drift. iSensor MEMS IMUs integrate up to ten precision motion/positioning sensors from a single interface, in a volume one-tenth that of traditional military-grade IMUs. Leveraging ADI’s signal processing expertise, sensors are optimally combined to maintain maximum bandwidth and phase matching, even in complex and dynamic environments. All ADI MEMS IMUs share a common electrical interface that users can access for configuration and digital filtering options.

Analog Devices executives will be available at DSEI for press briefings. Journalists, who will not be able to attend DSEI, will also have the opportunity to arrange telephone interviews. For more information about Analog Devices visit the ADEF applications page on their website: Aerospace and Defense or to arrange a press appointment at the event please contact me on the below details.

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