ON Semiconductor selected by CVRx for advanced implantable device

With its extensive experience in designing and manufacturing analogue, digital and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for a wide range of medical applications On Semiconductor helped CVRx achieve the required reliability and device performance during extensive pre-production testing. In addition, the use of its design kits and intellectual property, as well as its layout and foundry services, compressed the development cycle.

The Barostim neo contains three ON Semiconductor devices. Two custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) include a high-voltage analogue C5 process device and a digital control ASIC manufactured using ON Semiconductor’s I3T process, which supports digital integration, combined with mixed analogue and smart power high-voltage structures. Also housed within the compact Barostim neo is an ON Semiconductor 8 megabit medical memory ASSP.  All three devices achieve low-power operation to support long operational life – a key requirement for implantable medical devices.

Commenting Joe DuPay, vice president of Research & Development and Operations, CVRx, said, “By combining our own core expertise with ON Semiconductor’s knowledge, experience and product longevity support in the demanding medical semiconductor market, we shortened the product development cycle while setting the highest standards in very low-power, reliable design.”

ON Semiconductor

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