ON Semiconductor joins imec’s GaN-on-Si research programme

ON Semiconductor, a supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, has joined the multi-partner, industrial research and development programme at imec, a leading nanoelectronics research centre based in Leuven in Belgium, to collaborate on the development of next-generation Gallium Nitride (GaN) on silicon (Si) power devices.

GaN is characterised by superior electron mobility, higher breakdown voltage and good thermal conductivity properties, making it a suitable choice for power and radio frequency (RF) devices which need high-switching efficiencies. At present, GaN-based power devices are too expensive for large volume manufacturing, as they are fabricated on small diameter wafers using non-standard production processes.

Imec’s broad-scale research programme is focused on developing GaN-on-Si technology on 200 mm wafers, as well as reducing the cost and improving the performance of GaN devices. By bringing together leading integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), foundries, compound semiconductor companies, equipment suppliers and substrate suppliers, imec has been successful in achieving significant technical advancements.

Last year, imec’s research programme successfully produced 200 mm GaN-on-Si wafers, bringing processing within reach for standard high-productivity 200 mm fabs. Moreover, imec developed a fabrication process compatible with standard CMOS processes and tools, the second prerequisite for cost-effective processing.

“As a top 20 global semiconductor supplier with a portfolio focused on energy efficient devices, ON Semiconductor has been researching GaN silicon technologies for several years and is presently building a GaN processing line in its Oudenaarde facility in Belgium,” said Hans Stork, senior vice president and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ON Semiconductor. “Partnering with imec will help strengthen our current market position and potentially assist us in adding a competitive leading-edge technology to our customer offerings. We look forward to collaborating with a broad consortium of like-minded companies on forward-looking research in this field.”



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