ON Semi introduces integrated record and playback device for portable MP3 applications

ON Semiconductor has introduced a new MP3 capable device that is able to support both record and playback in portable MP3 audio applications where there is a need for miniaturisation and a reduced bill of materials (BoM) cost. The LC823430TA audio processing system provides a single-chip solution by integrating digital signal processing (DSP) circuitry for MP3 encoding and decoding, and analogue blocks such as audio analogue-to-digital conversion (ADC) and digital-to-analogue conversion (DAC).

The device is a housed in a 128-pin TQFP package with an overall height of just 1.2 mm. It features segment-type LCD-connectable driver circuitry with two separate versions supporting either eight common by 18 segment (USB model) or four common by 36 segment (non-USB model) displays. Various flash memory interfaces such as SD/MMC and USB 2.0 device interface are also embedded within the design to provide further important space and BoM savings.

In addition to MP3 encoding and decoding, the LC823430TA’s embedded DSP provides a noise cancellation feature to enhance the audio quality of recorded data by eliminating background noise such as wind or HVAC noise. A variable speed playback function is also included to allow audio data to be played back faster or slower without changing pitch. Further embedded analogue circuitry provides a speaker and microphone amplifier and a programmable gain amplifier (PGA) with digital auto level control (ALC) for more consistent playback.

ON Semiconductor is able to offer driver-level and middleware-level software optimised for its proprietary DSP and can help speed and ease the customer’s design process further by providing additional application-level software and support.



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