On display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF): a sensing chair that measures respiratory rates, heart rates, and stress levels

THK CO., LTD exhibited a product prototype (Smart Sensing Chair) at the world´s largest furniture fair, ICFF 2017, held May 21-24 at the Javits Centre in New York City. At the ICFF, THK presented their product prototype which is designed with a smart sensing system that can analyse a person´s health and the condition of the surrounding environment. The sensors built into the chair measure respiratory rates, heart rates, stress levels, and conditions of the surrounding air. This information is then displayed on a monitor. 


·      Simple design of transparent acrylic with a blue seat.

·      Seat equipped with sensors to measure body movement and take readings of the surrounding environment.

·      THK’s Model FBL56H+305LS slide rails are built into the seat, enabling sensor installation.

·      Each of the three chairs exhibit different functions of this technology: one chair analyses a person´s health, one conveys information, and one takes measurements of the surrounding environment.


Prototype details

Slide rails are built into the seat of the chair that are used to pull the seat back to load or remove a microcomputer.

Various health statistics about the person sitting in the chair (respiratory rate, heart rate, and stress level) can be seen on a monitor. 

Smart Sensing Chair System

·      A body motion sensor installed in the chair measures one´s heart rate, respiratory rate, and stress levels.

·      Data can be saved and reviewed with a cloud environment.


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