OMC wins Elektra Award 2019 for Excellence in Product Design

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics design & manufacture, has won the coveted Elektra Award 2019 for Excellence in Product Design, High Reliability Systems.

The Cornwall, UK-based company has an enviable reputation for producing high-quality, innovative fibre-optic systems and providing solutions for challenging applications in industries ranging from aerospace through to medical. Its FDH1M SMA fibre optic housing was specifically designed for datalink applications in environments with airborne contaminants.

Datalinks are among the most challenging types of fibre optic system to specify, design and manufacture consistently. Commodity fibre optic components designed for consumer-grade applications rarely meet the performance, robustness and consistency requirements needed for industrial use.

The FDH1M SMA housing with Fine Particulate Ingress Shield prevents even fine airborne particulates entering the face of optical fibres, which is a common cause of failure in optical datalinks when used in contaminated environments. OMC’s fibre optic systems can achieve 100 per cent yield at the point of installation and throughout a product life extending over 25 or more years, with no failures in the field.

Accepting the trophy at the prestigious Elektra Award ceremony held in London’s Grosvenor Hotel, OMC’s Commercial Director, William Heath said: “We are thrilled to have received this Elektra Award for Excellence in Product Design for High Reliability Systems. We invest heavily in R & D, together with the latest manufacturing equipment and techniques, in our purpose-built factory, where we developed the FDH1M housing with Fine Particulate Ingress Shield to ensure that datalinks carrying vital information in many critical applications can function reliably and consistently over an extended lifespan.”

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