OMC offering wide colour range of custom LCDs & backlights

Optoelectronics specialist, OMC, has announced that that its Profiled LED backlighting technology now complements custom LCD glass modules and, for the first time, will enable designers requiring displays for relatively low volume applications to be able to choose a full-custom option.

The Profiled backlight technology ensures that very consistent illumination is provided across the entire display and, uniquely, they can feature single or dual chip LEDs depending on power output availability and requirements. They are available in full RGB and blue/white colours.

Complementing a standard product range which numbers over 250 different sizes, OMC can turn around bespoke-shaped backlights is as little as five working days with set up costs starting as low as £50. OMC is able to support customers during the design process to simplify module design and assembly costs by integrating assembly features into the backlights.

Commenting OMC”s commercial director, William Heath, said “Designers can sometimes source custom LCD glass more easily than custom backlights, and our Profiled backlight technology is often the only viable option for small to medium volume (under 10,000 pieces) requirements. The package we offer with custom LCD manufacturers means – for the first time – that projects with low production runs can benefit from a unique brand identity which is only achievable using a custom display. For higher volumes, we are also able to offer moulded backlights.”


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