OMC launches new range of SPECTRALUX LED arrays

OMC has launched its 550 series SPECTRALUX Light Engines targeting applications that require high levels of light output, such as rail signalling, runway lights or architectural spotlighting. The SPECTRALUX Light Engines are arrays of highly efficient, tightly-matched LEDs. They are the preferred light source in a wide variety of luminaire applications because they enable lighting designers to quickly, reliably and easily take advantage of LED technology.

The 550 series SPECTRALUX Light Engines range in light output from 2205 to 6635 lumens. Luminous efficiency ranges from 85.75 to110.5 lumens/watt. Other SPECTRALUX Light Engines perform up to 130 lumens/watt and higher. The 550 series products also have an extremely long lifetime and they are very simple to use, requiring only a constant-current supply to drive them.

According to OMC’s commercial director, William Heath, “Our light engines are designed to simplify the process of developing effective and efficient LED lighting systems. We have optimised optical efficacy, addressed the thermal issues and performed hundreds of thousands of tests to ensure that we are delivering a high quality and reliable product.”


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