OMC’s Active Alignment technology ensures best transmission performance in fibre systems

OMC, a specialist supplier of optoelectronics, has developed an Active Alignment technology to ensure that fibre optic transmitter and receiver systems are able to perform to their optimum capability. During manufacture of its housed optical transmitters and receivers, the company can adjust the positioning of the active elements to exactly match the required output specification.

OMC is able to offer both 660nm red transmitters optimised for low cost, flexible polymer fibre and 850nm IR devices which are generally preferred for glass fibre. The proprietary active alignment process enables OMC to achieve very tightly-controlled launch powers.

According to William Heath, OMC’s commercial director, “In some applications, the optical power budget can be so critical that standard device performance tolerances are not suitable. Using active alignment technology, we tune the device performance during manufacture to ensure that optical characteristics fall within a customer-specific performance window.”

OMC is able to offer a full range of transmitters, receivers and connectors to suit both plastic and glass fibre systems. The company also has experience in producing both polymer and glass fibre systems to suit customer requirements. The company is able to offer complete data links – transmitter, receiver and cable assembly – that have been performance-matched during manufacture to function together. This service allows design engineers to avoid “mixing and matching” off-the-shelf components, which can result in unreliable systems. Because it is technology-agnostic, OMC is able to advise on the correct choice of technology to suit the application.

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