OKW Launches New CONNECT Enclosures For Wired Electronics

OKW has launched its pioneering new range of CONNECT enclosures for wired or USB electronics.

CONNECT is aimed at electronics applications where the unit is connected to a cable, sits between cables or where the units are joined with USB connectors.

Typical applications include medical, measurement and control devices. The cases can either be suspended on the cables or lay flat.

CONNECT is a two-piece enclosure with convex and flattened case shell sections. The flattened section is designed for fitting a membrane keypad or product label. Ergonomic rounded corners make it comfortable to hold.

The enclosures’ smart snap-together construction means no screws are required – giving a choice of which side to make the top. Benefits also include faster installation times and enhanced aesthetics.

Three sizes are available from launch: 54 mm x 22 mm in lengths of either 76, 116 or 156 mm.

The enclosures have open apertures at each end. They can be fitted with accessory end panels (which can be machined for USB connectors, LEDs) or integrated cable glands (ø 3.4 – 4.2 mm; ø 4.2 – 5.0 mm; ø 5.0 – 5.9 mm). The cable gland kits include a strain relief feature. Four fixing pillars inside the flattened case shell accommodate dia. 2.2 x 5 mm PCB screws.

Although CONNECT is designed for indoor use (IP 40), it is moulded from ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) for superior UV resistance. The standard colour is Off White (RAL 9002) but custom colours are available on request.

Other accessories include a holding clamp for round tubes up to dia. 32 mm.

Prices for CONNECT start at under £5. Customisation services include CNC milling and drilling, printing or engraving of legends and logos, special finishes and materials (including bioplastic), EMC shielding and assembly.

For further details about OKW’s new CONNECT enclosures, visit the website at https:/www.okw.co.uk  

Click here for the Datasheet

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