Ohmite announces RW series of high power SMD wirewound resistors

Ohmite Manufacturing has unveiled new 5W and 7W surface mount wirewound resistors for high power density applications. The new RW5 and RW7 Series SMD wirewound resistors feature a ‘finned’ body style in order to maximise surface area, and therefore cooling capacity, without taking up excessive PCB space.

The new design creates additional surface area on the resistor body, which enables greater power dissipation. The resistance drift is less than 1% over 1000 hours of continuous operation, allowing for very tight tolerances as well as high power ratings.

This SMD resistor also contains a special flat zone on the top-centre for pick and place operations. Perfect for demanding high power applications, the RW Series features high power densities, a wide resistance range, and low TCR.



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