Ohmcraft’s New Ultra High Voltage Chip Resistor Series

The new UHVC series from Ohmcraft expands on their standard HVC high voltage chip resistor series by offering even higher voltage ratings in the same small surface mount packages. They are manufactured using Ohmcraft’s patented Micropen® precision printing technology which provides a superior surface mount resistor with the highest voltage ratings available in the industry.

The series offers voltage ratings from 3,000V (in a 2010 package size) up to 20,000V (in a 5020 package size) with resistance values of up to 50Gohms. The UHVC series of surface mount device (SMD) resistors makes an ideal replacement for through-hole technology (THT) resistors by providing cost savings on both assembly and form factor.


  • Resistances available up to 50Gohms
  • Voltage ratings up to 20,000V (5020 chip size, =1Gohms)
  • Temperature coefficient down to ±100ppm/°C available
  • Tolerances down to ±1.0% available
  • 2010, 2512, 3512, 4020 and 5020 chip sizes available
  • Ultra-high stability
  • Very low noise

Applications Include:

  • High voltage power supplies
  • DC/AC Invertors & convertors
  • High voltage divider applications

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